Thursday, May 31, 2018

Triangle Factory Fire Cast List

Congratulations to the Cast and Crew of The Triangle Factory Fire Project. I want to thank everyone who came out to audition. If you have any questions or concerns please refer to the casting protocol outlined in the audition packet.

I will be sending out more information to the cast about what needs to be done before school starts up so stay tuned.

To confirm your role
Incoming 9th & 10th graders: will need to verbally accept their role with Madison McDonald (832-888-8911)
Incoming 11th & 12th graders: will need verbally accept their role with Adriana Vazquez (832-205-7356)

Eddie Markowitz, head shipping clerkPablo Diaz
Max Steuer, lawyer for the defenseRemi Caruso
Charles Bostwick, NYC D.A., lawyer for the prosecutionJake Simmons
William Bernstein, Factory workerKendell Bowden
William Shepherd, journalistZach Simmons
 Issac Harris, Co-owner of Triangle FactoryJackson Billings
John Moore, engineer
 Max Blank, co-owner of Triangle FactoryHarrison Grigg
Chief Edward Crocker, Fire Department ChiefCaleb Hall
Samuel Gompers, union leader/organizerIndigo Tembo Jackson
Jury ForemanXavier Price
Samuel Bernstein, foreman of Triangle FactoryAdam Schratweiser
Officer John Meehan, NYC Policeman
Judge C.T. CrainPablo Diaz
Max Schwartz: Factory worker, brother of margaretYarah Franco Gonzalez
Margaret Schwartz, machine operatorPeyton Connor
Dinah Lifschitz, Book KeeperJulia Aponte
Ida Mittleman, Machine operatorEvelia Faith Canales
Bertha Scwartz, Margaret’s MotherMaria Gameron
Rose Freedman, finisherAbigail Hall
May Levantini, machine operatorHeather Ruffel
Kate Alterman, lace cutterFiona Rittenhouse
Mary Alter, secretaryRaven Weitzenhoffer
Mrs. Belmont, society woman, suffragetteEmily Green
Ethel Monick, floor girlSydney Prater
Yetta Lubitz, operatorSorcha Fletcher
Rose Schneiderman, Union OrganizerNicole Coronel
Male or Female
Thug #1Remi Caruso
Thug #2Jake Simmons
Street Vendor 1Ashlyn Upshaw
Street Vendor 2Samantha Moore
Abe Gordon, belt boyXavier Price
Frank Sommer, New York University Law ProfessorFatima Rodrigez
Herman Hurwitz, locksmithKendall Bowden
Anna Schooley
Vannesa Krokova
Emily Marshal
Reilly Weaver
Shelby Welch

Monday, May 14, 2018

Week at a Glance 5/14-5/18

Week at a Glance

Booster Officer Positions
Below are the positions that are still available. We need to have these roles filled for 18-19 school year. If you have questions please contact Alexa Paul or Andrea Rojas

  • Concessions/Drama Gram Coordinator
  • Box office/Lobby Coordinator
  • Playbill Ad Coordinator
  • Events Coordinator

What's Happening this Week

5/15 Production Class Fee is Due

5/15 5/15 Fine Arts College Signing Day
3:00pm in LCHS Auditoirum
We will be celebrating all LCHS students who have decided to continue their fine arts degree in college.

5/16 Thespian Honor Society Membership Fee is due

You cannot purchase at the door

Click here to purchase banquet tickets:

Click here to vote for acting and technician awards:

5/20 End of the Year Theatre Banquet